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Client Testimonials

Myra has a way of capturing an animal’s spirit in her exquisite illustrations, bringing them to life.  She employs painstaking detail in her work which results in mind-blowing photorealism. I can’t think of a better way to honor a dear pet than to have a commissioned piece created by this remarkably talented woman.

- Dr. Stacey N.

Mother’s Day always provides a challenge to find the perfect gift for mom. When I discovered Myra’s portfolio I knew instantly she had the artistic talent to execute my vision. After a brief review of my requirements and a week of time I was rewarded with an amazing portrait of my mom’s prized Siamese cat. The piece is so lifelike you want to touch it. Thank you for delivering more than I even imagined!

- Brandon R.

Myra and I have been friends for 25 years.  Over the years, I have watched her art progress from fantastic to simply spectacular.  I’ve seen her work in multiple mediums and I have to say that her work in pencil is probably my favorite.  She has a wide range of subject matter, from galaxies in airbrush to animals in pencil, each completed with outstanding attention to detail.  I’ve commissioned two pieces from her to hang in the lobby of the building where I work.  Each piece was completed flawlessly and within the time frame given.  I love Myra’s art so much I wish she’d pick up a tattoo gun and put some on me,  permanently. 

- Judi Brashers-Hansen

I’ve worked in the pet industry for over a decade and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many pet artists along the way.  Although every artist has their unique style, what sets Myra apart from the others is that she is able to truly capture the energy of the pet through a photograph and convey that through her art, without ever meeting the pet!  When I received the portrait of my 16 year old cat, Cumin, I almost cried because that WAS Cumin!  Myra captured everything in her eyes!  Her attention to detail is amazing!  She truly has a gift!

- Siena L.

I have never before commissioned a piece of original art work, but after seeing some of Myra’s work online, I was inspired to give it a try.  I had trouble finding “good” photos of the cat I wanted her to draw though, all I could find were some blurry ones taken at odd angles. I thought I would have to work to dig up a better one before she could begin, but instead she was able to take the ones I had sent and put together a perfect composite image of what I had asked for  – WOW – above and beyond!  What a talent Myra is, the finished product far exceeded my hopes and expectations, and it conjures up not just the image of the cat, but the essence of him in such a special way.  I cannot recommend her work highly enough – she is a true artist of the highest caliber, professional and as an added bonus, a lovely person!

- Melanie Brown

Our pets become part of the family. “Keo-boy”, my siamese, was just a month shy of 20 yrs old. It was very difficult when I had to put him down. It was so hard that I even had him cremated. Myra surprised me with a picture of him, which sits in my bedroom til this day. “Babe” followed “Keo” & if you know a bit about Maine Coons you know they have long beautiful hair with striking patterns. She surprised me one Xmas with a portrait of the big boy. I can’t believe it is done with only pencil. She captured every detail perfectly. I have known Myra all her life, as I am her auntie. She has always had a knack for drawing. At 4, she even placed her artwork on my white leather chair! I have seen her develop into a fantastic artist. I will treasure my works of art forever.

- E. Naito

Straight-up, hands-down, flat-out: Myra Naito does breathtaking work.  Highly recommended; way highly.  Eleven out of ten stars.  This girl is a channeler-artist.  Her works goes deep to express the wordless wonder of being-ness itself.

- T. Tajiri

For those of you who understand the grief of losing a pet, I knew Myra was the right person to help bring me comfort and draw Hache as I remembered her.  Myra captured Hache in magnificent details and her work brings me comfort knowing her spirit will always be with me. Myra is a talented artist whom I’m forever grateful for keeping the spirit of my cat alive each and every day. I have her picture framed and I’m truly amazed how she has managed to capture such detail from the eyes to the precise detail of her markings.  I encourage you to consider having her capture an animal so you too can cherish her amazing work!!!

- M. Reyes

My husband and I have always adopted rescues. Our current rescue, Harry, is about nine years old, and the first rescue that truly prefers my husband to everyone else in our household. My husband has not taken this lightly, and takes our Harry everywhere possible. I wanted to do something special for my husband that I knew he would treasure, and I knew I wanted a portrait of Harry. I have long admired Myra’s stunning work, so I commissioned her to do Harry’s portrait. Needless to say, she captured Harry’s personality perfectly, and we both adore the portrait. I cannot recommend Myra highly enough!!

- Jenifer Walsh