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Sketchbook Habits Update

Sketchbook Habits Update

Sketchbook Habits Update

So Far, So Good

Here it is…my sketchbook habits update. Almost a week into building up a daily sketchbook habit and I’ve been keeping up, for the most part. Two weeks ago, I posted Sketchbook Habits where I discussed how difficult it was for me to eliminate all the details that I love so much. In the post I mentioned using a timer as a tactic to keep me on track with keeping my sketches as sketches instead of masterpieces. And yea…so far, so good!

sketchbook habits updated

Four sketches, four days.

I set the alarm on my phone for 15 minutes and start sketching. First of all, 15 minutes is hardly anything and it goes very quickly. That’s not even a dent in any given day. I can easily commit to 15 minutes by eliminating some of the time I spend fooling around on social media. But even so, sometimes life still gets in the way.

sketchook habits update

I try to avoid using the tip of my pencil.

The second tactic I’m using is to not use the tip of my pencil. Using the tip of my pencil can very quickly lure me in to trying to get as much detail as possible. So, I opt for the side of the graphite instead, using the pencil more like a charcoal stick. It helps me to flesh out the shape and values of what I’m drawing rather quickly and only then will I go in to flesh out the details right before the alarm goes off.

I am encouraged at this point and will keep trying to stick to a daily sketch, which remains a sketch and not a masterpiece. As I said earlier, so far, so good. And I plan to keep it that way!

Have you been working on any positive habits related to your artwork? Perhaps you made a resolution at the beginning of 2019. How have you been hanging in there? Any tips for sticking to it? Let us know by commenting below. And subscribe and share this blog if you like what you’ve been reading!