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Selling Your Artwork

Selling Your Artwork

Selling Your Artwork

Just Get It Out There!

Selling your artwork can be an intimidating thought. Self-doubts pop up and ransack you with crippling fear and ego-crushing criticism. You’ve heard that nagging little voice before. “Who’s going to want my stuff? My stuff sucks. My stuff isn’t as good as other artists out there…”

And that little voice drones on and on.

My advice? Just do it!

selling your artwork

(Photo Credit: 123Rf.com Copyright : Ion Chiosea)

Here are a few reasons why you could and why you totally should.

  1. You never know what floats people’s boats. Peruse sites that are geared towards selling art such as Etsy, eBay, and Fine Art America. Take a look at what people are selling and what’s actually sold. You might be surprised at what some people spend money on.
  2. Don’t deny the world your creativity! Selling your artwork is just the way to do that. Based on #1, you never know…someone out there is waiting for your art. Case in point, I never thought anyone would want my rough sketches, but I thought ‘What the hell? Give it a shot. They’re just sitting around my studio gathering dust anyway…” So, I put a few items on Etsy and lo and behold…people wanted them!
  3. It costs next to nothing. Most sites, like the ones I mentioned are either free or very inexpensive. Etsy charges a whopping .20 and eBay is pretty close to Etsy. What’ve you got to lose?

All that being said, it’s really not that hard, right? Why not take a chance on selling your artwork? The exposure will be good for you. Let your friends and family know where you post your work. Put it on social media. You can totally do this. At the worst, your stuff just sits there. At best, you earn a few bucks. And the possible supreme best, you start getting requests for commissions. Go you!


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