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Resolutions for 2018

Resolutions for 2018

Resolutions for 2018

It’s That Time of Year Again

It’s time for resolutions again as 2018 approaches more quickly than most of us would like. Or, if you didn’t have such a great year, maybe you’re looking forward to the new year as most do…a new start. If you know me at all by now, you know that I think resolutions are mostly useless and silly and most people just jump on the resolutions bandwagon to feel a part of something. But the fact remains that most resolutions (especially fitness resolutions) fizzle out within the first few weeks of the year. And I mean most, as in a whopping 80%! So even though I think they’re silly for the most part, why do I mentally make note of some changes I’d like to make in the coming year?

To be totally honest, I have been part of the crowd before. And, I’ve been part of the 80% before, too. In 2011, I decided to get in shape. Lose weight, get fit, eat clean…the whole 9 yards. A commitment to a lifestyle change. I did it and I never looked back. In one year I dropped 65 pounds and put on a good amount of muscle. How did I pull it off when 80% can’t manage the first few weeks of the year? Commitment. Determination. Motivation. A big enough WHY. And I couldn’t think of anything more important to me than my health and well-being. Simple, but not simple at the same time.


My resolution to lose weight in 2011…crazy successful!

Other resolutions that I’ve had have not been so successful. Business and financial goals have definitely fallen in line with the 80%. Even some of my artistic endeavors have gone the way of the masses. Fizzled out before they even had a chance. The reason? No accountability. With fitness I posted my progress regularly on social media, which kept me accountable. And also, I suppose with finances and art, my WHY wasn’t big enough. Sometimes it takes a personal rock bottom.


Resolutions for financial improvement, successful? Not so much.

Now, I’m not saying that I’ve hit my personal rock bottom. I haven’t at all. But the financial pinch is a constant as it is for many of us and frankly, I’m tired of it. So if being sick and tired of being sick and tired is part of my motivation, then so be it. It’s a good one, but often not enough. In addition to being tired, I have a number of personal family matters that I’d like to resolve, which requires me to be in a much better financial situation than I am currently. However, I will not do so if it requires me to stifle my creativity or be someone I’m not. Anything that takes me farther away from my passions (art and writing) is an automatic ‘no way Jose.’

That being said, I’ve narrowed down my focus to the following resolutions, which I’d rather call goals (With the percentage mentioned above, the word ‘resolution’ seems doomed to fail.):

  • Supplement my income by at least half of my current salary (if not more) by 2019 through various means (all art and writing related)
  • Expand on my drawing skills by becoming more comfortable with color
  • Expand on my drawing skills by becoming more comfortable with drawing people
  • And on a fitness note (yes, I still have fitness goals!)…gain the definition in my legs that has always eluded me

Artistic resolutions success rate? Minimal at best.

Do you have goals for 2018? If you feel comfortable sharing, post it in the comments. If not, that’s alright. Sometimes it’s best to keep your goals private until you’ve made some headway. Haters are notorious for shooting down your goals and making you doubt yourself. In that case, find ways to hold yourself accountable. A weekly log, monthly photos (great for fitness), or a trusted and supportive friend or family member that you can check in with. Be very cautious with the last one. Sometimes it’s those closest to you that will derail you. You don’t have to be part of the 80%. If you’re timid about it, start off with a smaller goal. Some progress is better than no progress. And then the following year, you’ll be ready for a more substantial goal. Let’s make 2018 be the year that we succeed!


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