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Art, Passion, and Personal Goals

Art, Passion, and Personal Goals

Art, Passion, and Personal Goals

Time For a Revamp

My art website and blog have been up for a while and has had its ups and downs, including some strange snafu where my site lost all of its posts, gallery images, etc. I’ve since gotten everything back where it was with some additional posts. It still covers everything that I’m about… art, passion, and personal goals. In a way, the snafu was a good thing. It forced me to revamp the way I did things. I’m a little wiser and a little more efficient now. And thank goodness for apps which make everything that much easier to do!

So, what’s new? I’ll be posting about human interest stories and other interesting topics, all art related, of course. Some things may be a little controversial, but I’ll try not to offend too much. But even though I’ll be stating my viewpoint on things, I’ll approach things with an open mind. And as always, I welcome your comments, questions, and musings. Perhaps you wonder the same things that I do, or perhaps you have an entirely different point of view. I’ll also try to include some interviews with different artists who are in a variety of art related fields, not all of them traditional.

And, if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll remember my daily sketches from 2014. I resurrected those sketches and am starting to re-purpose them. I’ve used several of them as t-shirt designs and am planning to compile the lot of them into a daily calendar for 2017 (if all goes well). You can view the t-shirts I have available here. And you can check out the old posts in the archives of this blog, located at the bottom of the page.

I also have some new projects going on. I still have a pretty continuous stream of animal portraits, of course. But I also have some online creative learning classes that I’ll be telling you about. I’ve also gotten into some video editing projects because of those classes and discovered that I really like doing that sort of thing. I’ll be stepping out of my comfort zone a lot more in an effort to keep growing as an individual and as an artist. I’ve also started a freelance copy writing business, which is absolutely fascinating to me. And there are a few posts from a year or so ago that have become relevant gain. I’ll be re-posting those, so if they seem familiar, there’s a good reason for that.


I’ve had a ton of personal goals over the years, but have found that there were far too many for me to focus on any of them. I just became overwhelmed and in the end, nothing got done. So, I’ve narrowed things down to a few instead of dozens. These are the things that qualify as a passion in my life rather than just an interest. They say that if your 9-5 is something you love doing then you’ll never see it as work. If what I do qualifies as a passion, even better! What better way to invest your time than in something you’re passionate about?

I’d like for this blog to be a bit more interactive and not just me talking at you. With that in mind, I welcome your thoughts so long as it’s given with courtesy and respect. I’d like for this to be an open and safe forum for discussion, not one where hateful things are said to each other. The point is, we are all unique and as such, we have unique thoughts. That’s what makes this world go around. That’s what makes things interesting. Humanity could stand a good dose of having an open mind. It doesn’t mean we have to agree on everything. Even with my very closest friends, we don’t always agree on everything. Rather, we agree that we are all different and if we agree, great! If not, we agree to disagree and that’s okay too.

So lots of new things for me. I’m nervous and excited and I hope you’ll join me on this journey. My goal is to post twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. As always, I’m open for comments, questions, and suggestions for topics. I’m so glad you could be here. I’m looking forward to hanging out with you. Please click Subscribe and also, please share with anyone you know that might dig art related stuff! Thanks and see you soon!

  1. Being a creative myself I totally understand… see it through to the end is what I have to constantly remind myself of. Congratulations!!!! I expect to see amazing things!

  2. I love the Confucious quote especially since I live it!

    • I have never felt it so profoundly as now, Rey, when I really feel stuck in a so-so job. I’m working like a mad woman towards living this quote!

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