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Meet the Artist

IMG_2460Myra Naito’s work combines her love of drawing with her love of animals. Every pet owner and animal lover knows that animals all have individual personalities and quirks which make them special and dear to us. These traits are wonderfully captured in exquisite detail in Myra’s portraits. Identifying these special qualities is how Myra makes her animal portraits come to life. From the king of beasts to the rambunctious playfulness of a puppy, she strives to capture each nuance.

A photo portrait is fine, but they are commonplace. The attention and care given by an artist to each hand drawn portrait is what makes that portrait special. Myra gives her undivided attention to each drawing, instilling life and personality into each one. Her portraits make for a unique and special gift. They also make wonderful memorial pieces for those of our furry companions who have passed on.

Treat yourself or your loved ones to the joy of owning a commissioned artwork. It is a gift that animal lovers will cherish!